Hi,  My name is Grant, I am a Certified Home Inspector and Owner of Four Corners Home Inspections.  Our Mission Statement is:  To be Central Florida's premier home inspection business by providing fast, friendly & thorough inspections that will provide our clients the facts necessary to make informed decisions. Call us today and let us help you through this part of the home buying process.  Thank you for considering Four Corners Home Inspections Inc.

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Why do I need a home inspection, is it even necessary?

Homes can be harboring all sorts of problems, from mold to spider infestations. (Having nightmares yet?)

Buying a home with serious problems could send you down a never-ending spiral of repairs.  This is why a home inspection is so important.  

Most home inspections turn up minor issues, especially on older homes.  You may decide you can live with the defects, or you may ask the seller to either repair the problem before closing or give you a credit to fix the problem after you move in.  However, if there's a major issue, like an unstable foundation or severe mold, walk away and save yourself the hassle.

If you decide buy a home with a serious problem, get several quotes to find out what the issue will cost to fix.  Don't ballpark the cost;  the last thing you want is to take a $200 credit for a curled roof shingle, only to find out that the underlying problem requires a $10,000 roof repair.  If the seller is going to solve the problem, confirm that a qualified and licensed contractor is doing the work so the seller doesn't do a low-cost patch-up job that gives you problems the minute the paperwork's signed.


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