What is a home inspection


A home inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible.  The inspector should substantially adhere to a standards of practice that outlines what should be covered during a general home inspection, as well as what is excluded. Some inspectors may strictly follow the standards of practice, while others may exceed the standards and inspect other items, or perform a more detailed inspection. Whatever the inspector includes in his or her inspection should be discussed prior to the inspection – this is known as the scope of work. The inspector should be able to provide you with a copy or online link to the standards of practice they follow.  The inspector should provide you with a written report, which may include photos and/or recommendations, of his or her findings of the inspection.  

Types of Inspections we perform.

Complete Home Inspection      $325

Based on an average size home 2000 sq. ft. or less.  

Larger homes 2000-3000 add $100, 3000-4000 add $200 .  Homes over 4000, call for pricing.

Four Points Home Inspection    $125

Focuses only on four main areas of interesting a home. HVAC, Electrical wiring and panels. Plumbing connections and fixtures. Roof.

Wind Mitigation Inspection       $125

As part of a complete home inspection $100.

Wood Destroying Organisms    $125.  

As part of the home inspection $100

Re-Inspection                              $100.

To ensure corrections were made.

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