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Keep your cool!

When it comes to staying cool, no one needs it more than those of us living in Florida. Did you know that on average in Florida our air conditioners run about 9 hours per day. Keeping your HVAC in top working order is a must. Here are a couple simple do it yourself things that you can do to keep you cool.

  1. Regular filter changes. It is recommended that your HVAC filter be changed every 30 days by most manufacturers. This allows for unrestricted air flow across the coils that cool the air being introduced into your home. Dirty filters make the cooling process take more time and subsequently increase your cooling costs.

  2. Clean and remove debris around your outdoor compressor. Leaves, grass, trash and such, can rob the system of air needed to cool the refrigerant that returns to the unit.

  3. Use fans inside your home to help move air on those really hot days. Box fans and ceiling fans are very helpful to your system and will help reduce run time.

  4. Clean your registers and air-intake vents of dust and dirt.

  5. Clean your condensation drain. Slime and all kinds of nasty stuff will grow in these lines. You can buy ready made cleaners from your local Lowes or Home Depot or you can make your own out of vinegar and water.

  6. Schedule an annual checkup by a licensed HVAC technician to head off trouble before you, LOOSE YOUR COOL!

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